Maybe the sea called you here

It’s what we all need. To be by the sea is to be free.

The scent of sweet-salty air and the sound of breathing waves is truly as beautiful as life can be.

As a child, I thought everyone lived by the sea.

I didn’t know how fortunate I was until I moved [from Leigh-on-sea] to London and spent the next 20 years working in the fast-paced fashion industry.

Coming ‘home’ often for beach days kept me balanced.

As an illustrator, my drawings became more and more minimal and serene over the years. Until I connected the dots and realised I was forever going back to the sea.

Now, I create simple, sea-related illustrations to calm the mind—both mine and yours. Life is busy and I want to bring a sense of peace to our lives.

I was born in the summer of ’76, (that heatwave!). I’m sure that’s why it’s my favourite season and I’m drawn to the seventies. Add the sea and sustainability to the mix, and you pretty much have my free-spirited style summed up. Dive in.

Discover your new SPF: sea, pearls & freedom


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